Fierce Existentialism

Alec Julian’s Verdict Terrence Malick’s latest film is a love story. I liked the religious existential elements and Javier Bardem as a priest. I liked Olga Kurylenko (“Quantum of Solace”) as the Russo-Franco import. In fact, Malick impregnates his film with five languages. Unfortunately, Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams are not right for this movie, which is why I say (somewhat flippantly): if this clip was two hours long, it would be called “To the Wonder.”

Source: Gannett News Service

Source: Gannett News Service

Final Words from Marcus Malick is an American film director, screenwriter, and producer with a career that spans over four decades  The whole 7 movies in 42 years is a bit too Kubrick for me but Malick is Malick. We will only have one Kubrick – he’s passed on and his body of work speaks for itself – loudly!

Terry Malick reached his zenith as a director with his debut film “Badlands” (1973). Henceforth, I have not been all that impressed with him as an artist and certainly not as a director, screenwriter, and/or producer – although as a writer/director, it’s difficult to categorize anyone as a true artist,  if and when she or he is also pegged as a writer or director – and especially, if she or he is pegged as a film producer.


Alec Julian is a Los Angeles based writer, who (fake) tweets


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