My Safe Word is “Keep Going”


Sisters is a hit-and-miss comedy about growing up. Two Gen-X sisters reunite in their childhood home, in Florida, for one last epic house party after their parents decide to sell the property. Amy Poehler plays the responsible one, Tina Fey plays the trainwreck. In the tradition of many recent comedies about (mostly) man-children coming to terms with adulthood, Sisters conservatively deals with the infantilized forty-year-olds. Skilled comedians Fey and Poehler do their best to sell the crude comedy. Although the prime target of the movie’s humor is middle-age stasis, there are sex jokes, drug jokes, Korean jokes, Game of Thrones jokes, gay and lesbian jokes. Most of these jokes are milked for too long. Sisters is at its best when Fey’s bandying insults with a nemesis (Maya Rudolph). At its worst when it slows down to deliver platitudes with a straight-face. Whether you find what’s in between funny is a matter of personal taste.

By Alec Julian & Carrie White 


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