Lamb is a weirdly sentimental road movie about a forbidden romance—or Stockholm Syndrome. Director Ross Partridge stars as David Lamb, 47, childless, divorcing. After his father dies, Lamb meets Tommie (Oona Laurence), 11, awkward, a latchkey kid (although Lamb takes place in the age of email). The two hang out a few times and then Lamb convinces Tommie to accompany him on a trip to the Rockies, where his family has a cabin, to expose Tommie to the great outdoors, about which he waxes poetic. Suffused with nostalgia and hippy dippy sentiment, a lot of what Lamb says is more inane than transcendental. His opaque psychology charges a current of tension that sustains the film—until it doesn’t. The drama builds as Lamb and Tommie navigate their platonic, yet increasingly complicated, relationship. The sappy piano score doesn’t help.  

By Alec Julian & Carrie White  


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