To Be Or Not To Be

“When you get what you want, what do you want?” Oscar Isaac and Garrett Hedlund collide in Mojave, William Monahan’s lyrical, funny, and cool thriller. Doing his best impersonation of Brad Pitt, Hedlund plays a jaded movie star, holed up in his home in the Hollywood Hills or at the Chateau Marmount, beholden to no one but an obstreperous producer (Mark Wahlberg) and sardonic agent (Walton Goggins). Calibrating his voice, Oscar Isaac plays a drifter, gun-totting, a marginalized member of the 99 percent, with Faustian notions. Whether it’s Hamlet or The Tempest, Shakespeare pervades Mojave, but not in a pretentious way. The stylized dialogue is brusque and  laconic, although Monahan also capably writes monologues. The desert landscapes are evocative, the mood of Mojave is menacing, the score appropriate.

By Alec Julian & Carrie White 


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