Live-Action & Animated Oscar Nominated Shorts, Reviewed



Ave Maria: A saccharine situation comedy about a Jewish Orthodox couple, and a kibbitzing mother-in-law, whose car crashes into a monastery in Palestinian territory on Shabbat. (From Palestine, France, & Germany)

Day One: Though based on a true story, an unrealistic portrayal of a female interpreter’s hectic first day, in Afghanistan. (From the USA)

Everything Will Be Okay: A harrowing abduction story. (From Germany & Austria)

Shok: A manipulative, stirring account of two Albanian boys’ relationship in war-torn Balkans. (From Kosovo & UK)

StuttererA twee cliché about victimhood, overcoming fears. (From the UK & Ireland)


Bear Story: A mawkish, intricately constructed story-within-a-story about captivity and family. (From Chile)

Prologue: A pessimistic, graphic portrayal of ancient combat; a rumination on human nature. (From the UK)

Sanjay’s Super Team: An action-filled, sentimental story of fathers and sons, tradition and modernity. (From the USA)

We Can’t Live Without Cosmos: A well-edited love letter to space travel. (From Russia)

World of Tomorrow: A cute and clever, fast-paced exploration of “mind uploading technology”—and existential dread. (From the USA)
By Alec Julian & Carrie White 


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