Marital vows and sexual preferences are put to the test in Fort Buchanan, Benjamin Crotty’s sex comedy about army spouses left to their own devices on an army base. The film centers on Roger Sherwood, whose husband serves in Djibouti, and whose adopted daughter bullies him. There’s another male army spouse, brawny and celibate, who becomes the target of the advances of one of the wayward army wives. Generally, the wives are less conservative, more kinky, than the husbands, rationalizing their infidelity easily.  Employing odd music, conspicuous camera angles, and including physical comedy, Crotty imbues Fort Buchanan with an insouciant, even campy, atmosphere that dissipates as the drama unfolds. DP Michaël Capron creates a beautiful look for the film. 

In French. 

By Alec Julian & Carrie White 


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