“God, I Miss Cocaine”


Cosby jokes, Hugh Jackman jokes, blind jokes, pedophilia jokes, and Ikea jokes populate Tim Miller’s Deadpool, a postmodern Marvel movie made of Hollywood cynicism. Ryan Reynolds plays the eponymous anti-hero, a cancer-stricken soldier-of-fortune who gets mutated by a risky treatment performed by a psychotic doctor (Ed Skrein). After being left for dead, and horribly disfigured, Deadpool seeks revenge while trying to overcome his vanity to reconnect with the love of his life (Morena Baccarin). The story is simple and predictable: it is the template for any given Marvel origin story. But, even as Tom Holkenborg’s generic score seeps into Deadpool’s trite serious moments, so mawkish they are parodies in themselves, we remain detached because of Deadpool’s relentless barrage of subversive, reference-laden, fourth-wall breaking humor. Although overedited, the action features plenty of blood, impalements, and beheadings. With songs from DMX, Wham!, and Salt-N-Pepa, the soundtrack is the right blend of silly.

By Alec Julian & Carrie White


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