Never Forget 


The past collides with the present in Atom Egoyan’s Remember, an exploitational Holocaust revenge thriller, about a demented Jewish widower turned Nazi hunter. Christopher Plummer is riveting in the lead role, playing Zev, a ninety year-old who promises his nursing home friend and fellow Auschwitz survivor (Martin Landau) that he’ll track down a Nazi who assumed the identity of a Jew and fled to the United States following World War II. With reservations set up by his friend, Zev goes on the road, acquiring a glock with comic ease. Given the setup and the outrageous situations that result as the plot thickens, it’s clear that Remember is not meant to be tasteful, naturalistic, or solemn. But it is sharp, sensational, and entertaining—a well executed piece of cinema that does not take itself too seriously. The shocking climactic scene is somewhat undone by the unnecessary resolution scene, which is too explanatory.

By Alec Julian & Carrie White


5 thoughts on “Never Forget 

  1. I agree with a reviewed discourse.
    I am not aware if ever a cinematographic narration relates to a Holocaust survivor who attempts to avenge to a Jewish collaborator that is high ranking member of Jewish ghetto police or a concentration camp kapo. Perhaps, it is a time for cinematographic presentation of a number of real postwar avenge.

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