Things go from weird to weirder in Anders Thomas Jensen’s Men & Chicken. After a hilarious introduction to the main characters—two hairlipped, disheveled brothers (Mads Mikkelsen and David Dencik)—the story turns when the pairs finds out that they’ve been adopted and decide to find their biological dad. Once on a sparsely populated island (Population: 42), they struggle to infiltrate their supposed father’s dilapidated fortress, guarded by their stepbrothers, who try to ward them off by beating them with trashcans and taxidermied creatures. With phallic and philosophical humor, Men & Chicken is a grotesque marriage of high and low. During a discussion about scientists, someone suggests Darwin was simply lucky, that his accomplishments were a matter of stumbling onto the Galapagos. Things turn philosophical when one brother attempts to introduce a moral system into the anarchic household, by way of the Bible. Consequently, in a droll scene, another brother performs a neuropsychological retelling of The Binding of Isaac, suggesting Abraham suffered from auditory and visual hallucinations. There’s plenty of craziness to go around.

In Danish.

By Alec Julian & Carrie White


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