ones below

Babies are a gift and a curse in David Farr’s The Ones Below. The story centers on a British couple expecting their first child. Also expecting are the new neighbors who’ve moved into the flat below the protagonists. These neighbors—the husband, a rigid and controlling British banker; the wife, an obedient and stunning German—have a pension for pastel-colored clothing and a habit of taking off their shoes before entering their home. Affectations aside, there is something off about them. That something fuels the suspense, even after the story turns following a deadly accident involving a cat. The Ones Below has a chilling, creepy tone that is of a piece with the insidious twists and turns of its tight if familiar plot. From the décor to the clothing, the look of the strange neighbors contributes to the style of the film, which evokes Polanski but with lesser performances.

By Alec Julian & Carrie White




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