You may know a couple that’s very high and low. When they’re up there’s more passion than Romeo & Juliet. When they’re down there’s yelling, screaming, and abuse—verbal and otherwise. They split. They reunite. They split again, but not really. They make scenes in restaurants, in pharmacies, at parties. You may know such a couple. And if you want to see a movie about such a couple—in French—Maïwenn’s Mon Roi (My King) is the movie for you. Because of a physical aspect to her performance and lots and lots of tears Emannuelle Bercot won best actress at Cannes. But don’t leave out Vincent Cassel: he’s got the trickier part. It’s easy to see his character as a lying cheating druggie bastard, yet Cassel creates sympathy for the devil, offering a nuanced performance worthy of plaudits.

In French. 

By Alec Julian & Carrie White


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