The Accountant


Yes, we liked The Accountant, the absurd and sentimental but entertaining action-thriller that stars Ben Affleck as an autistic accountant with a dark past. In addition to the through-line—what happens when the accountant is hired to find missing money—the movie has a few other plot-lines: one involves a lazy and immoral officer of the law (JK Simmons); another, an amiable gun-for-hire (Jon Bernthal). Affleck is charming, and his physicality works for the role, but after every intentionally awkward line he delivers, like at a meet-cute with Anna Kendrick’s character, a smirk seems to appear on his face, giving us the impression that he’s a guy pretending to be autistic. That he’s not disappearing into the role is not necessarily a problem; in a way, it makes the movie lighter, if less convincing. Because of its different plot-lines, the movie clunkily shifts tones, going from a cringeworthily sappy speech, about belonging, to a noirish, hard-boiled recounting of a brush with death. The climactic action set piece is underwhelming, but the other action scenes are thrilling. And one of our favorite scenes involves tax loopholes; i.e., accounting. Go figure.

By Alec Julian & Carrie White


One thought on “The Accountant

  1. I agree with the content and perception of this excellent review.
    This is one of the film I saw. I believe it a wide spectrum panorama centered around The Accountant, a main protagonist. It is some typology you may feel while watching the film. The review refers to it as “the absurd and sentimental but entertaining action-thriller.”

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