Ouija: Origin of Evil


One of us was in L.A. in 1967, and thought Ouija: Origin of Evil was lame; one of us was not in L.A. in 1967, and thought Ouija was frightening. Yes, Ouija is set in 1967, in L.A., and it’s a prequel to a horror movie based on the board game. It’s about a household of women, a mother and her two daughters, who make ends meet by scamming people with seances. When one of the daughters suggests to spice up the scam with a Ouija board, the mom buys one—and evil is unleashed. With smart shot composition and editing, and with detailed production design, Ouija creates an absorbing atmosphere. The three actresses, and especially the young girl (Lulu Wilson), are effective. Although the movie uses a grief narrative, it’s not as sentimental as The Shallows. The scares are standard, as is the action-packed third act. The ending, unlike in Lights Out and Don’t Breathe, is not lame. Sweet.

By Alec Julian & Carrie White


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