Office Christmas Party


Christmas isn’t complete without hookers and blow. So goes the premise of Office Christmas Party. This raunchy comedy—about a man-child boss (T.J. Miller) who throws an “epic” Office Christmas Party to land a major account and save his ailing branch—is predictable and schematic but really funny, following in the footsteps of this year’s other predictable and schematic but funny raunchy comedies, several of them starring Zac Efron. Here, Jennifer Aniston, typecast as a Type-A party-pooper, plays the man-child’s sister and creates the conflict; Jason Bateman, typecast as the straight man, plays off goofy co-stars, like Kate McKinnon, who plays a politically correct, flatulent HR lady. That you may not find fart jokes, Carol-is-an-old-lady-name jokes, reckless behavior jokes, montages set to rap and techno, or Jesus jousting (set to metal music) particularly funny is completely understandable. But we laughed.

By Alec Julian & Carrie White


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